PureGod was birthed out of my personal disconnect from God. I had one foot in the streets and the other inside the church. The lifestyle I was living clouded my judgement, which made walking with God difficult. Finally, I realized that there was more to my life and developed a strong desire to grow closer to God.


During this time of growth, I began to consume as much of God as I could on a daily basis. I even attempted to purchase a couple spiritual related items, something I’ve never done before. At the time, there were not any brands for Believers relatable to my experiences or that matched my style. I’m sure that there were others who faced the same issue and I believe PureGod can fill that void.


Our mission is to pioneer a new wave of creativity and boldness within the spiritual world that will help Believers grow with God. We understand our edge, realness and point of view may not be for everyone but our message is rooted in His truth.


We believe that God can use anyone no matter what their past looks like.

We pray that every Believer finds their purpose and has the courage to fulfill it.

We have hope that you will use your gifts to change the world and live an abundant life.



LUKE 15:1-7 & JOHN 15:1-20 & PSALMS 119:9 

1 CORINTHIANS 10:13 & PROVERBS 18:16 & ROMANS 7:5-6 

JAMES 1:22 & MATTHEW 6:33 & EPHESIANS 3:14-21